SAP HANA Services

SAP HANA, an in-memory data computing platform, is revolutionizing businesses globally. By leveraging the robust power of SAP HANA’s real-time analytics and the data expertise of VOTEC Consulting, organizations can accelerate critical business decisions, and become lean and agile.

Drive higher business value for SAP HANA initiatives

With a complete range of capabilities, VOTEC Consulting provides a fully integrated, highly optimized environment to ensure better results for an SAP HANA initiative. We enable higher business value by deploying next generation applications and analytics with a simplified IT landscape and real-time data. Our services for SAP HANA help organizations exploit data in real time to become more agile. For customers already using legacy platforms and other SAP products, we can manage the SAP HANA migration faster and seamlessly by using the AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Our SAP HANA portfolio of services includes:

  • Solution assessment, workshops, strategy sessions, SAP HANA sizing and architecture, and project management
  • SAP HANA cloud and managed services
  • ERP on SAP HANA and SAP S/4 HANA
  • Design and implementation of SAP HANA, including integration with SAP BusinessObjects BI tools
  • Big Data on SAP HANA through integration with Hadoop including SAP VORA
  • Predictive and advanced analytics on SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA migration
    • SAP HANA Migration from On premise to AWS Cloud
    • SAP HANA Migration from On premise to On Premise
    • SAP HANA High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Migration from BW to BW on SAP HANA
    • Migration from SAP ERP to SAP HANA S/4

VOTEC Consulting SAP HANA® Success Story at SAPPHIRE® NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in May 2016

VOTEC Consulting helps AdminaHealth, a comprehensive productivity tool that centralizes, integrates and automates all information related to self-funded benefits plan administration, turning the repetitive and labor-intensive HR functions of self-funded healthcare plans into an easy-to-use single platform powered by SAP HANA®. AdminaHealth was developed with participation from Salus Finance, a nationally recognized health and benefits insurance brokerage firm and an actuarial product development team. The platform is powered by SAP HANA®, partnered with VOTEC Consulting for quality and dependability assurance. AdminaHealth was built around the idea of improving administrative efficiency and accuracy while reducing time and manpower for repetitive manual processes. It revolutionizes healthcare expense administration by providing companies who self-fund an entire healthcare expense management solution on one platform.

VOTEC Consulting’s SAP HANA proof of concepts for a competitive advantage

Our SAP HANA Proof of Concepts (POC) combines SAP HANA with SAP software components and VOTEC Consulting’s proprietary intellectual property to showcase an innovative approach to analyze and use data. Some of our POCs include:

  • Deploying SAP BW on SAP HANA for supply chain management and logistics and reporting using SAP Business Objects BI tools
  • Delivering customer sentiments from unstructured data using text analytics powered by SAP HANA
  • Building SAP HANA Datamarts to load non-SAP data

Get more than what you think from SAP HANA with services from VOTEC Consulting

A multilevel SAP partner globally, VOTEC Consulting is uniquely positioned to deliver more value with two SAP HANA labs dedicated to innovation and demonstrations. Also, VOTEC Consulting has a wealth of SAP experience with more than 2200 SAP consultants.

Contact us today to know how VOTEC Consulting can deliver higher business value for SAP HANA initiatives.