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Deploying SAP solutions is easier, more cost effective, and manageable with the S-Imple (Streamlined implementation) methodology from VOTEC Group. Through years of implementations, we developed this proprietary methodology   that combines our own intellectual property and industry best practices.

S-Imple is a processed-based methodology where the project plan is separated by business process scenarios, instead of managing the project by milestones. This methodology combines a range of deployment principles for reducing project time, including our own best practices from years of successful SAP solution implementations.

Development is accelerated by starting with predefined business scenarios that are standard across any vertical, and then customizing what is unique to a specific organization, eliminating major modifications and errors on the delivered solution. .

Key Benefits of S-Imple:

  • Early insight with “playback” that contains short, iterative development cycles, which provide clients an insight in to what is being developed and proactively address any issues before the development is complete.
  • Eases the testing phase, reducing repetition and modification and saving additional time and cost.
  • S-Imple can be leveraged for implementations using ERP as the core solution, but is also beneficial for SAP components that have pre-built best practices, such as SCM, CRM, or HCM.

Choose VOTEC Group as your SAP partner to gain faster returns than what you think with S-Imple

VOTEC Group is an SAP Gold Partner, allowing us to be a leader in innovation and work collaboratively with SAP to co-develop better solutions. With S-Imple, our innovative capabilities transform how enterprises deploy SAP and dramatically reduce the time from project start to realization of benefits.

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