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The next generation enterprises are re-imagining their financial operations by embracing digital transformation to stay adept to changing business environment and enable quicker and better decision making. SAP S4 HANA Finance (formerly known as SAP Simple Finance) is the latest SAP finance offering on the SAP HANA platform, ensuring common view and instant insight of information across finance, simplifying financial processes. It utilizes SAP Fiori apps to produce an enhanced and beautiful user experience.  VOTEC Group can help you leverage SAP Simple Finance on S4 HANA at a fixed time, cost and with flexible deployment options. VOTEC Group can help you obtain a consolidated, user-friendly view of the complete financial and operational data, automate and streamline processes, utilize flexible reporting, and determine the financial impacts of business prospects with real-time analytics, simulation, and prediction.

Modernize and transform enterprise-wide financial processes

VOTEC Group’s implementation of the best-in-class SAP Accounting powered by S4 HANA will help the financial organization make better business decisions by performing an intuitive in-memory analysis on large volumes of unrefined data and then guiding you through how to best utilize the findings. We help you integrate and then guiding you through how to best utilize the findings., close books in a day, strategize dynamically, elevate working capital, and ensure legal compliance. Our implementation of SAP S4 HANA Finance will reduce difficulties in financial transactions and provide personalized and immediate access to financial understanding on any device.

Significant benefits of the solution include:

  • Intangible benefits due to reduced custom efforts for new/existing development
  • Integration of sales, service, and marketing, through business processes
  • Real-time data across all financial dimensions
  • Improves usability and reduces reliance on data warehouse systems for reporting and analysis
  • Enables easy, non-disruptive migration
  • Propels innovation by connecting people, devices and business networks in real-time

Get more than what you think from SAP S4 HANA Finance with services from VOTEC Group

As a multi-level partner of SAP, VOTEC Group has early access to tools, training, and documentation of the latest releases, versions, and next generation solution suites to help our customers take advantage of innovation early.   VOTEC Group incorporates SAP best practices and offers flexible deployment options to help your business fully leverage the power of SAP.

Contact VOTEC Group today and discover how we can help you get more than what you think out of your SAP S4 HANA Finance investment.

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