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Internet and Mobile Application Development

iPhone Application Development

iPhone is a full multi-tasking communications device that allows the user to read a web page while downloading email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE. Other appealing features are its slim profile and lack of keys (only three hard keys), which make this phone the ultimate fashion accessory Since the iPhone is the next big thing in mobiles we have recently acquired an iPhone developer’s license and have completed a couple of of of projects in this platform. Some of the examples are:-

  • SIP based VOIP solutions for iPhone
  • Photo gallery solutions
  • Expense management applications
  • Small gaming solutions
  • Mobile-based community portals
  • Mobile-based enterprise applications
  • Mobile-based content-driven application

Android Application Development

Google Android is a revolutionary open-source platform for mobile phones and forms a development arena that has been tapped by Idhasoft right from the onset. With the acceptance of G1 and the warm reception of the much-awaited Nexus One, Google has thrown the door wide open for Android Application Development to flourish. With the Nexus One available for unlocking directly from Google, Idhasoft is poised to leverage its extensive experience to harness this opportunity and develop many more state-of-the-art applications. Some of the examples are:-

  • Audio/Video recording applications
  • Photo gallery solutions
  • Fantasy gaming applications
  • Mobile-based community portals
  • Mobile-based enterprise applications
  • Mobile-based content-driven applications

BlackBerry Application Development

Blackberry is developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Blackberry has become a vital part of many corporate networks including IT, financial, travel and government networks. The major feature of the Blackberry platform is Real-time Live Push alerts & its browser-based rich internet architecture.

  • SIP based VOIP solutions for I Phone
  • SIP Protocol based VOIP softphone solutions
  • Expense management application
  • Messenger for mobile
  • Archive solution

Symbian OS Application Development

It’s the most common platform used in mobile phones across the globe. GMI has invested over 6 years in developing various applications for all Symbian versions and editions. Some of the commendable work done by us on this platform includes:-

  • Streaming Multimedia Content Distribution Over Mobile network
  • Blue tooth based mobile games
  • Mobile messenger for 2nd and 3rd edition phones
  • Complete call management system for 2nd edition phones
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Symbian Series 60
  • SIP protocol based VOIP call application

Windows Mobile Application Development

It’s the most commonly used platform for business phones as it provides easy synchronization with the PC. It’s a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic applications. We have invested over 6 years in studying and developing applications for all versions of windows mobile be it for Pocket PC or smartphones. Some of our commendable work on this platform includes

  • Data-Sync Application on Win CE
  • SMS and MMS Client on POCKET PC 2002
  • Wireless Communications STACK which supports File, DB transfer and message broadcast
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Smartphone 2000
  • Smartphone and PPC based LBS System
  • SIP based windows softphone calling application

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