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Global businesses are witnessing massive turnaround from fluctuating international markets, rapid mergers and acquisitions, aggressive growth plans, rapid business expansions and the ability to cope up with today’s digital invasion. These factors have immensely influenced organizations to look for scalable enterprise solutions, for driving their corporate performance and future business growth.

Implementation of SAP HANA can be best understood with VOTEC Group practices, which helps clients with end to end HANA implementations and rollouts. We are uniquely positioned to generate more value from your SAP / SAP HANA implementation & Roll out investments, with our proven implementation experience, deep knowledge of business processes (human capital, financials, supply chain management, and customer relationship management) and close collaboration for catering to your unique business requirements.

VOTEC Group SAP S4 HANA helps drive the value of in-memory processing into mission-critical applications while simplifying user interfaces, business solutions and data models:

  • Simple user interface (UI): SAP S4 HANA delivers a role-based, consistent user experience. That experience includes the ability to access and use SAP S4 HANA from any device
  • Simple business solutions: SAP S4 HANA is built to empower the way that businesses want to work with real time insights and processes across a digitally connected network
  • Simple data model: SAP S4 HANA enables applications to offer the best level of performance with the lowest data footprint

SAP HANA Implementation Process By VOTEC Group

  • Identify – Identify the best options available for the enterprise to adopt the HANA technology into their landscape
  • Determine – Determine the important business values and implementation values for each HANA option above
  • Plan – Plan the current Environment into HANA by utilizing the current available data, enhancements and efficiencies
  • Validate – Validate the solutions required for the enterprises to implement the SAP HANA option
  • Deliver – Deliver the required solutions for the enterprise for implementing the predetermined SAP HANA strategy

Why VOTEC Group

  • The combination of SAP’s industry best practices and GCS’ (SAP Gold Channel Partner and Services Partner) deep industry-specific knowledge resulted in an SAP solutionthat covers a wide range of the business processes and yet can be implemented within a very short timeframe
  • We offer accelerated rollout through our reusable components, tools, templates, guidelines, and methodology. Our worldwide presence enables us to support our clients with domain experts to handle local, legal and statutory requirements as well as offer flexible engagement models such as on-site, off-shore, on-site offshore, VOTEC Group managed projects and customer managed projects
  • Get full value from your SAP investment
  • End-to-end implementation programme from design through to user training
  • Use of common reusable components reduces costs
  • Implement a common compliance strategy across the globe and manage cost of compliance
  • Improve supply-chain visibility across third party suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Allow cost containment and timeline improvement
  • Platform Harmonization and Consolidation resulting in accurate transaction capture and business information provision
  • Full integration of geographically spread operations & effective enforcement of corporate decisions

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